If you wish to join the choir, rest assured you will be very welcome, please just use this form or come along to any practice session (usually Mondays 7:00pm - 9:00pm in St.Johns, Church St, Pewsey).

St.Johns - Rehearsal Night Photocall, 2nd Oct 2017

Music Director

Daryl Taylor


Barbara Dalton (also T2 Section Leader)

# Deputy MD | * Section Leader

General Committee

Rowland Pantling (Chair), Robert Stevens (Mins Sec), Paul Hornbogen (Treasurer), Daryl Taylor (Music Dir), Mick Hunter (Concert Sec & Webby stuff) + John Marshall (Social Sec)

Music Team

Music Director + Accompanist + Section Leaders + Librarian (John Williams) + Recordings (David Cooper) + Stage Manager (Sit Vac)

We're not big on rules and regulations but here's a few guidelines for members and how we work:
We use Doodle to poll availability in advance of potential engagements and Google Drive for Practice Tracks & Photo Albums. Both are securitised for members' access only.

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