Friday, February 6, 2015

Pop in to a Pop-Up and #joinachoir

The Swan at Enford Weds 25th Feb, 8:00pm sees the birth of something of a new venture for Pewsey MVC - our first "Pop-Up Practice" session!  This is where we invite ourselves along to somewhere we've never sung before in the expectation of an enjoyable evening out in new surroundings but also in the hope of attracting a few new voices to our membership.
So we see the event as something more than a regular rehearsal but also much less formal than a concert; we shall sing a few songs that we know, some that we are learning and even (with the key ingredient of the audience) some that we may never have sung before! ... through such an introduction we hope potential recruits will cast off their inhibitions and see there is nothing to fear from being part of a choir.

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