Thursday, July 4, 2013

All for One and One for All

OK so the Three Musketeers beat us to the punch but their famous rallying cry would seem an excellent way to sum up the ethos of choirs everywhere, particularly those such as ourselves who aim to perform in four-part harmony.
And because we believe in another great old adage - "the more the merrier" - we are always on the look out for more voices to join our happy throng. Accordingly, the 1st July saw the launch of our 2013 recruitment drive to invite all men in the Pewsey Vale who enjoy singing to come and learn some new songs with us. You'll probably see some posters like these around the area over the next few months so please accept their invitation to join in on Monday nights at The Crown ...

... not only will you start to enjoy your singing even more but you will also probably find you are a better singer than you realised once we have put you in the section of the choir that best suits your natural range.
Many too many people risk going through life thinking they are no good at singing just because they've only tried to sing karaoke solos or were mis-directed in early years ... don't be one of those people, come and join us instead, you'll wish you'd done so much earlier!

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